Eyzenberg & Company prides itself on being slightly different. We’re not saying we’re unique (a very overused word) but we definitely have points of differentiation.

I-Banking vs. Brokerage/Marketing

High-touch, transparent & value-added execution process, not mass marketing.

With the capital markets in continual flux, an unfiltered data distribution strategy will not get a deal done. For clients not used to tapping certain constituencies of the capital markets, broad blast or multiple placement efforts can easily “pollute” a transaction making success a remote possibility.
We do not act as a listing service by shopping a client’s package to everyone in our database. We thoroughly evaluate all key issues, flag potential hurdles and structure appropriate mitigants. Thereafter, we position deals in the most conducive manner possible to the most appropriate capital sources.

Full Spectrum vs. Limited Perspective

Agnostic to capital stack, geography and asset class, not myopic view.

Capital is not a fungible asset in all situations. The markets are ever evolving and inexorably interconnected. Leverage, duration, risk tolerance and spectrum affect all participants of the capital stack. The nature of the provider (balance sheet, securitized, private, public, etc.) will dictate how they interact with one another and must be matched accordingly to coincide with the financing strategy for the asset. The bottom line is that intermediaries that do not understand how the participants of a capital continuum impact each other simply cannot provide the best representation for a client.

Focused Boutique vs. Distracted Conglomerate

Highly specialized, best-in-class white glove service, not cross selling.

We’re specialists solely focused on representing participants of the commercial real estate market in their quest for capital. Our only concern is engineering the most efficient capital stack, not cross selling other unrelated services to capture market/client share. As a boutique, we can absolutely guarantee a high standard of service because we are the ones delivering it.

Full Deal Cycle vs. Introduction Service

Acting as an outsourced CFO, we are a relentless advocate and advisor from start to finish, not just a capital dating app.

As a stakeholder in the successful closing of your transaction, we are inordinately hands on during the post term sheet closing process. We coordinate communication and document flow, make sure third parties are ordered and deal with issues as they come up. Our goal is to make sure nothing falls through the cracks or acts as an impediment to closing. We’re there to fix problems from start to finish.